Boko Haram


The President of Ghana and Chairperson of the ECOWAS Authority, Nana Akufo-Addo, revealed how Al-Qaeda and the Boko Haram sect in the Lake Chad basin are recruiting Nigerians.

Akufo-Addo stated this on Monday, while on a working visit to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission in Abuja.

According to him, the insurgents were also making inroads in the Lake Chad Basin, Mali and the Greater Sahel.

“This is most worrying, because surrogates of Al-Qaeda in the Sahel and Boko Haram militants operating around the Lake Chad Basin, the two most active terrorist groups in West Africa, are exploiting the unacceptable levels of poverty in these areas, in the recruitment and indoctrination of youth,” Akufo-Addo said.

The Ghanaian president called for a strong regional approach to contain the growing threats of terrorist and extremist activities.

“‘You will recall that, on 12th September, 2019, ECOWAS organised, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, an Extraordinary Summit on Eradication of Terrorism in ECOWAS.

”Following the summit, a 2020 to 2024 Plan of Action was adopted by the 56th Ordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government in December, 2019, in Abuja.

”To this end, one billion dollars (US$1 billion) was programmed for the financing of activities in the Action Plan. We have to intensify our efforts to ensure that the Plan of Action is well financed, with a view to ridding our community of terrorism,” he added.

He said the insurgents were exploiting the unacceptable levels of poverty in West Africa in the recruitment and indoctrination of the youths in the region.

Recalled that the ECOWAS had on September 12, 2019, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, convened an extraordinary summit on the eradication of terrorism which budgeted $1bn for the financing of activities in the action plan.

He said, “Following the summit, a 2020 to 2024 Plan of Action was adopted by the 56th ordinary session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government in December 2019.

“To this end, $1bn was programmed for the financing of activities in the Action Plan. We have to intensify our efforts to ensure that the plan of action is well-financed with a view to ridding our community of terrorism.”

The dreaded Boko Haram Terrorist group has killed 611 teachers and destroyed 910 schools in Nigeria during different attacks according to figures made available by the United Nations (UN).

The figures made available on Tuesday by the UN covers the period between 2009 until December 2018.

“From 2009 until December 2018, 611 teachers were killed and 910 schools damaged or destroyed. More than 1,500 schools were forced to close and some 4.2 million children in the north-east are at risk of missing out on an education,” the statement said.

It added that several students have also been kidnapped from their schools while several others have been left traumatized by the experience.

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Edward Kallon, therefore, called on the government at both state and federal levels to prioritize the safety of schools and students as it gradually reopens schools after the forced coronavirus lockdown.

“As State Governments plan to reopen schools after prolonged closures, building a resilient education system to withstand future shocks should be included in pandemic response plans,” Kallon noted.

Similarly, Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director called on the government to do all within its power and resources to ensure that schools, students, and teachers are kept safe from the attacks by the terrorists and insurgents.

“Attacks on schools are a violation of humanity and basic decency. We must not allow these senseless attacks to destroy the hopes and dreams of a generation of children. We must do all in our power to ensure that schools and the children and teachers within them are protected,’’ said Fore.

She added that “As the world begins planning to re-open schools once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, we must ensure that schools remain safe places of learning, even in countries in conflict.”

The statement further called on the government to protect children and other vulnerable groups of people from all forms of threat and attack.

“To deliver for children in Nigeria, education must remain on top of the public agenda while Government should boost efforts to translate its vision for education into real change for children, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners,” the statement added.

Thirty-eight-year-old Abdulwahab Usman, an indigene of Bama in Borno State, said he was forced to join Boko Haram.

He is one of the 601 who graduated on Saturday from the De-radicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Camp of Operation Safe Corridor, in the Kwami Local government Area of Gombe State.

He stated that for five years with the sect, before he surrendered to the military in December 2019, he couldn’t count the number of persons he killed.

He added, “I was forced into the group for about five years. I can’t remember the number of people I killed as a Boko Haram member because they are many. Boko Haram people came to our village looking for those who are of school age and that was how my friends and me were forced into the group. Eventually, we escaped from Boko Haram hideout, so soldiers took us to Giwa barracks in Borno.

“I never knew that I wouldn’t be killed because of the various incidents that occurred in the bush. The camp has really changed my lifestyle because I never thought I would still be alive today, not to talk of being useful again to myself and society. We stayed in the bush, looking for people to kill and people too were looking to kill us. I had no peace of mind then but now I have peace.”

Boko Haram has for years been carrying out bloody attacks in the North-East, especially in Borno State, killing villagers, soldiers, aid workers, burning houses and abducting schoolgirls and women.

Usman stated that his expectation was met at the deradicalisation camp based on his experience there.

He said, “None of us was killed during the de-radicalisation process. I really enjoyed my stay in the camp because many of us were not expecting such hospitality from the Nigerian government. We were well taken care of. They taught us different trades. In the camp, we were exposed to skill acquisition such as welding, barbing and carpentry etc. But I chose to learn barbing. When I return to my hometown, I wish to continue with barbing. I will not go back to Boko Haram.”

He called on his former colleagues to surrender to the Nigerian government, adding that, “it is the best thing for them to surrender to the government and drop their arms. It will not help them to continue in what they are doing, because they will one day be killed for peace to return.

“We were given the Quran because of our assurance that we would become good citizens. I will not return to that group (Boko Haram) no matter the suffering since the government has chosen to be responsive.”

Usman described his life while with the sect as horrendous, noting, “Our lives in the bush were in constant danger because every day our thoughts were whether the soldiers would come. Every day, fighter jets hovered over and around us. Some of us were killed while others usually ran for safety. We suffered an attack at Konduga. There, about 763 were killed. I survive death by a whisker. I will never forget.”

He further advised the government to show current members of the sect a legal document to convince them of their safety once they surrendered.

“The Nigerian government should present them (Boko Haram members) a document assuring them of their safety once they surrendered. We surrendered because we saw the document and 601 of us were rehabilitated and now graduating. If the document is thrown to them and they see it, many of them will surrender seeing that we were not killed but rehabilitated,” he said.

Babagana Mairambe is a former staff officer with the Bama Local Government Education Authority. He was crowned the overall best graduating member of the fourth batch of the DRR camp.

Mairambe said life was normal before he was captured by Boko Haram, adding that the thought of his family safety was a major worry for him in the camp of the sect.

He said, “I am married with three wives and 17 children. None of my children was involved or captured by the sect. I want to tell those still in the forest to surrender their weapons to government.

“I have regrets as a member of Boko Haram because my time was wasted all through the years I spent there. I was a staff officer with the Bama Local Government Education Authority as of 2014. Of a truth, I did not join the sect willingly. I was in a town when the local government headquarters was captured and I was taken away. I didn’t have any opportunity to escape from my attackers.”

Mairambe added that due to his age, he couldn’t advance further to some hotbeds with the sect but was used for other operations.

“It was only God that spared me and made me come out of this. Because of my age, I couldn’t work directly for them. When the chance presented itself, I had to run out to surrender myself to the Nigerian government,” he said.

Twenty-one-year old Saleh Isa was a farmer whose path with the sect crossed while he was farming on his of land.

He said, “I feel happy and grateful to our leaders and the Nigerian government. I learnt how to sew at the DRR camp. When I get home, I will continue with sewing. I promise to honour my parents, loyal and faithful to Nigeria.”

Isa added that he was not taken directly to Sambisa but to another part of the forest.

He said, “Boko Haram caught us on the farm and took us to one of their camps. They took us to another part of the forest.

“I was in the outer part and we stayed with some of them. I stayed with Boko Haram for three years undergoing training and rudiments but I didn’t get to the stage of carrying a gun.

“However, others and myself understood their ways. When there was a chance to escape, we did. In fact, I willingly raised my hands alongside others to surrender to the military. We didn’t stay too long with them at their camp before they took us away and taught us useful skills that will be beneficial to us and our people.”

Another ex-member of the sect, Amadu Auwal, also known as Muhammed Auwal, provided medical services for the group.

According to Auwal, he was involved in treating gun wounds and ailing members of the group especially after a tough encounter with the military.

He said the only choice opened to him was to join the Boko Haram sect and stay alive, adding that any other choice meant death.

He said, “I’m Auwal Amadu also known as Muhammad Auwal depending on the location. We were living in our village peacefully. I am from Madalaka Local Government Area of Adamawa State. I lived in Bulak village under Madalaka local government.

“2014 was when Boko Haram attacked us there. We didn’t know what was going on and they asked us to either join them or the soldiers. If we joined the soldiers, they would kill us but they spared our lives when we decided to join them (Boko Haram). They took us to Sambisa Forest immediately and we realised that was not a good thing. There was no experience in Sambisa because there was nothing good there. All I know is that they usually force us to do some things and if one refuses, that signals the end for one.

“I was like a nurse. I only administered injections and gave medications. If they go somewhere and come back wounded, I treat the injured and sick members of the sect.”

He added that he was a student prior to his forceful enlistment with the sect, noting that his English improved while at the camp.

“I was a Senior Secondary School student. The DRR camp provided me with a pleasant experience. I am a tailor. We are the ones who sew the clothes we wore and we also made shoes. It is level by level. For instance, if you are learning tailoring and you master it, you will be transferred to another area.”

Auwal, who appealed to others still involved in killing to retreat and surrender, said that he felt like an entrepreneur based on the skills he acquired at the DRR camp.

He added, “I desire to open a tailoring and laundry shop. The soldiers already told us that we would be taken to Gombe DRR camp to spend six months. The soldiers didn’t capture me. I surrendered myself. I have a wife and two children. I want to advise those still in the forest to desist from the act. It’s a bad thing. They should leave that forest for rehabilitation.”

Twenty-year-old Yusuf Ali, an indigene of Borno State, Bama council area, said he was forced to join the sect on his way to Kano after the bus he was travelling in was hijacked by the sect.

He stated, “I was travelling to Kano to buy some materials for I work as a computer repairer when Boko Haram arrested me and took me into a bush. On their camp, there are several areas of specialisation based on members’ competence. Boko Haram gave me computer work to do along with photography. I worked on computers. My work involved surveillance. I took pictures of areas they wanted to go for operation for them to be familiar with the terrain.”

Ali said surrendering to the Nigerian government was made possible by his mother.

He said, “My mother asked me to surrender to the Nigerian Army. I surrendered in Banki, but the Nigerian Army took me away from Banki and kept me in Giwabare. I spent two years and seven months there. They told me they would take me from Giwabare in Maiduguri to Gombe State.

“It was November last year that I came to the camp. There are differences in my life now. I was in the welding section. I didn’t know anything about welding before now. But now, I am first out of 16 people. I look forward to establishing my own welding shop,” he added.

He recalled one of his operations as a surveillance officer with the sect.

He said, “Many people died during the operation. I remember that about seven people died then at Dina village in the Cameroon area, a border between Nigeria and Cameroon.”

Rehabilitation of repentant B’Haram fighters

The Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman, Operation Safe Corridor, Gen. Abayomi Olonisakin, called on communities of repentant Boko Haram members to welcome them warmly, calling on others still with the sect to lay down their arms.

Olonisakin, represented by Director of Education, Real Admiral V C Okeke, noted that the 601 members of the sect surrendered before a 12-man quasi-judicial committee to take the oath of allegiance.

He spoke during a speech delivered at the Batch 4, 2019 clients from the DRR camp in Mallam Sidi, Kwami LGA of Gombe State.

He said, “I’m glad to inform you that the clients have been fully reintegrated and, wholly accepted by their host communities. Since 2017 when the first set graduated, there has not been any negative report concerning anyone of them.

“My expectation, therefore, is that they are discharged from Operation Safe Corridor to their state governments through the traditional and religious institutions to see they are well reconciled, resettled and reintegrated in the interest of peace and love for our dear nation.

“Let me seize this opportunity to advise members of Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province still lurking around in the forests to lay down their arms, embrace peace and join the de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme in their own interest.

“To this end, the armed forces in Nigeria and other security agencies operating in the North-East will provide safe passage for them to lay down their arms for good.

I have observed steady progress of the scheme and no doubt it is a working strategy complementing other efforts of the Federal Government to restore peace in the North-East.”

Also speaking, the Coordinator, Operation Safe Corridor, Maj. Gen. Bamidele Shafa, noted that the repentant members had shown positive signs of patriotism to the country.

He stated, “Today, we are witnessing a major achievement of the Federal Government of Nigeria at ensuring lasting peace in the North-East. Since the commencement of Operation Safe Corridor in 2016, a total of 914 clients have undergone the deradicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme.

“Among which 280 including two Chadians have been successfully transferred to their state authorities for reintegration. I am glad to inform you that these clients have been fully reintegrated and wholly accepted by their host communities. Since 2017 when the first set of 29 people graduated and reintegrated, there has been no negative report concerning any of them. Today, the largest set of 601 is graduating for reintegration to their nation and state.”

He added that on arrival at the camp, the clients went through documentation processes to yield vital background information after which they were subjected to comprehensive medical screening to determine their health statuses.

“Their DNA samples were also collected while their biometrics were captured on National Data using the National Identity Management Commission, facilities for future references. The background information serves as a guide for the experts, the Local Treatment Team, to properly place the clients for treatment therapies and vocational training. The LTT are specialised experts in various fields of deradicalisation and rehabilitation therapies drawn from the Nigerian Correctional Service,” he said.

The governor of Borno State, Prof. Babagana Zulum, represented by the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Kaka Lawan, expressed optimism the programme would bring respite to the region.

He said, “Bringing out over 600 fighters from the bush to lay their arms, rehabilitate them to denounce membership of an illegal sect and to proclaim the citizenship of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a great job. I’m highly delighted.”

He denied that some residents of the state protested against the impending return of the ex-Boko Haram members to their respective communities.

He added, “I am not aware of that but rejection by the community cannot be ruled out because of the trauma and what they have found themselves in over the years. But with enough advocacy and sensitisation and the report that we are presenting to the government for implementation, they will be welcomed.

“During their screening, we discovered that 80 per cent were innocent from 2009 to 2020. It’s about 11 years. We were witnesses to the bombings and sporadic shootings. To criminals still fighting in the bush, they have an option of laying down their arms and embrace peace. The Federal Government and Borno State government are willing to accept them, rehabilitate them and allow them to live peacefully. But if they refuse, I can assure you that their days are numbered. Sooner or later, the armed forces will nip their activities in the bud.”

Presenting starter packs to the former Boko Haram members, the representative of the North-East Development Commission, Abba Musa, said the aim of the presentation was to support the ex-fighters to be self-employed and useful to their various communities after their training on camp.

He said, “I want to urge beneficiaries to use the items for the purposes they are meant for and to become employers of labour in future.” – ThePunch

The Nigerian Military, Thursday, said that it is not part of its responsibilities to unravel the sponsors of the Boko Haram and Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) terror groups.

It said that even though it is aware that the groups are sponsored, its duty is to defeat the terrorists and not to meddle into their source of funding or sponsorship.

Coordinator Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche, while fielding questions from Defence Correspondents, said that it is the duty of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Department of State Security to find out and disclose the identities of those sponsoring the terrorists and other criminal gangs in the country.

According to him, “the kind of weapons these terrorists are using like the gun truck and other sophisticated weapons are expensive and how much are they stealing to procure those arms that have to say that they are sponsored and heavily funded. But like I said, it is not the duty of the Military to uncover the sponsors. Our duty is to remain in the frontline and defeat terrorism and other criminality and that is what we are doing.

“We have the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Department of State Security (DSS), it is their responsibility to gather intelligence on the sponsors of the terrorist sand not the Military”.

On why the Military is yet to overrun the Sambisa forest, considered the traditional base of the Boko Haram Sect, Enenche, said that troops are avoiding collateral damages that may result from total bombardment of the forest.

He explained that the terrorists mingle with civilians in the Sambisa forest who collaborate with the insurgents thus making it difficult for troops to carry out major attacks on identified locations.

Meanwhile, giving updates on ongoing Military Operations, he noted that “in the North-East, troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE (OPLD) recorded commendable results in the past two weeks. During the period under review, troops conducted several operations at various locations, which led to the neutralization of terrorists, destruction of their equipment and structures as well as recovery of various items”.

He continued that, “between 18 and 30 June 2020, the Air Task Force of OPLD conducted intensive air strikes to mark the launching of its subsidiary Operation LONG REACH along the fringes of the Sambisa Forest in Borno State following concerted Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance missions.

“The air operations led to the destruction of a BHT tactical command centre housing some of their high value leaders and neutralized several of their fighters at Garin Maloma and Yuwe villages. Additionally, airstrikes conducted at Buka Korege, Bula Bello, Ngoske, Tongule, Bukar Meram and Warshale Villages led to the destruction of several BHT locations and gun trucks while scores of fighters were effectively neutralized”.

Eneche also added that, “meanwhile, troops of the Army Super Camp 17 at Cross Kauwa in Kukawa Local Government Area and troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE deployed at Response Area Aulari in Bama Local Government Area, both in Borno State, successfully repelled BHT/ISWAP’s attacks on 24 and 25 June 2020, respectively. The gallant troops responded to the terrorists’ attacks with superior firepower, thereby killing 2 of them in contact and recovered 2 AK-47 rifles, 2 Hand Grenades and some ammunition as well as 2 Rocket Propelled Guns and Unexploded Ordnances fired by the terrorists.

“While the Armed Forces of Nigeria reinvigorates and intensifies her operational activities in the theatre in the North East, it has not relented in its non-kinetic operations. These activities are evident in the civil military cooperation activities provided at various quarters by the Nigerian military, including the continued provision of medical outreach to IDPs by the Military. These activities led to improved civil military relations, thereby enhancing provision of information to security agencies, which resulted to the remarkable successes recorded in recent past in the North East Zone”.

In the North West zone, he revealed that, “in continuation of aggressive clearance operation in the North-West zone of the country, troops of Operation HADARIN DAJI under Operation ACCORD have continued to record significant successes against the criminal elements.

“This is in addition to the several air bombardments conducted under the subsidiary Operation WUTAN DAJI. The air bombardments led to the neutralization of several bandits and their Logistics bases in Doumbourou, Kuyanbana, Bimasa forests as well as Dunya village in Katsina and Zamfara States respectively.

“Also, within the period under review, troops foiled armed bandits attack in Katsina and Zamfara States. Troops successfully killed 12 armed bandits and arrested 6 suspected bandits’ informers/collaborators across the theatre.

“Similarly, troops of Operation HADARIN DAJI under Operation ACCORD also rescued 29 kidnapped victims in Katsina and Zamfara States. They were handed over to the 2 State governments. These successes recorded within the period under review have brought about a renewed vigour and determination on the side of the gallant troops in tackling the security challenge in the North West Zone”.

According to him, “in the North-Central zone, troops of Operations SAFE HAVEN, THUNDER-STRIKE, WHIRL STROKE and GAMA-AIKI conducted several ambushes, raids, clearance patrols and air operations at various locations within the zone which resulted in tremendous successes within the period under review.

“Notably, troops neutralized 4 bandits affiliated to wanted militia leader “Gana” at their hideout around Che Jukun village in Donga LGA of Taraba State on 29 June 2020. Troops had also earlier arrested 6 of his key lieutenants at Shakpev village under Tiir and Yoyoo council ward of Katsina-Ala LGA of Benue state on 25 June 2020, while three kidnappers were also neutralized during an ambush operation along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway on 28 June 2020.

“Additionally, the Air Component of the subsidiary Operation GAMA AIKI neutralized several bandits and arrested 2 other fleeing bandits who happened to be foreigners, during intensive airstrikes at Kasuwan Ango Community in Mariga LGA of Niger State. The airstrikes were conducted in the night of 28 and early hours of 29 June 2020.

“Furthermore, troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN recovered a total of 505 rustled cattle in Plateau State between 24 and 29 June 2020 while troops of Operation WHIRL STROKE recovered 4 AK 47 rifles, one AK 47 magazine, 150 rounds of 7.62 special ammunition, 55 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, 4 locally made rifles, and 5 locally made pistols, amongst other items at Akaa and Mbagyeren villages in Ukum LGA of Benue State”.

Yinka Odumakin, Secretary-General of Afenifere; and the General Secretary, Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), Dr Kunle Olajide, have faulted Northern youths, under the aegis of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, for saying the North would occupy the presidency beyond 2023.

The two Yoruba leaders, in separate interviews with SaharaReporters, also called for the immediate sack of service chiefs due to their inability to end the growing insecurity in the country.

Odumakin described the claim as one capable of leading to the break-up of the country.

“That kind of statement does not make sense and for a section of the country to say that they want to rule for perpetuity, they are advocating a breakup of the country. People who think deeply should not make such statements,” he said.

On his part, Olajide stated that only true federalism would revive the country.

“Nigeria is collapsing, so there is no joy in being the president anyway. The current president is not in charge, he is confused and you can see a lot of things happening in the country. The presidency is not the issue.

“What we are clamouring for is a restructured country to achieve true federalism where every part of the country would accept responsibility for deploying its resources and programmes. Nigeria is virtually on its knees. Security and economy are in very bad shape,” Olajide stated.

Calling for the sack of the service chiefs of the country, Odumakin and Olajide noted that the security heads had failed and should be immediately relieved of their positions.

They urged President Muhammadu Buhari to replace the service chiefs with competent persons within the force.

Odumakin said, “The security chiefs have never shown seriousness and I am surprised that the president is giving them another opportunity, he should fire them immediately.

“With what they have done in five years, there is no assurance that they will deliver anytime from now and people are dying daily, that cannot continue.

“There are other officers in the country who can replace them and deliver effectively. He (President Buhari) should replace them immediately. The government must re-strategise, relieve the service chiefs of their appointments right away, they have failed.

“It is not a matter of warning them anymore; to me, it is a matter of lack of seriousness. The government must attend to the welfare of the people; where the people are not happy and there are no jobs, there is bound to be insecurity.

“The devil finds a job for the idle brain. Those who don’t have jobs threaten the peace of anywhere,” Olajide added.

Olowu of Kuta, His Royal Highness, Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama, Tegbosun III, has urged Nigerians to show patriotism towards the nation’s military in order to defeat the Boko Haram.

In a statement issued by his Media Office on Tuesday, the monarch said the Chadian Army was able to record such a feat against the Boko Haram because of the total support it enjoys from its populace.

Reacting to the recent counter-attack by the Chadian Army that killed scores of the insurgents and put them to flight, Olowu said it was because the whole country was behind the President Idris Debby led army.

He therefore called for Nigerians support and patriotic acts towards the country’s military to enable it conquer the insurgent group.

“I think we need to draw a lesson from the patriotism displayed by the Chadian Army. Also, none of their citizens raise any issue after the attack, neither did the Amnesty International raised issue of war crimes against the army. All of them; the Chadian nationals and all the international non governmental organisations in the country were on the same page.

“This is the way to go in order to boost the morale of our own army and provide the necessary support for them; both financially and morally,” the traditional ruler said.

Olowu stressed that necessary support from Nigerians would boost the military’s morale in defeating the Boko Haram and returning peace to the North East which has become their enclave.

He therefore commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai for providing leadership to the Nigerian Army despite the nation’s peculiar situation.

He said, ” Buratai deserves our collective support for his patriotic efforts in repositioning our Army.

“I think our army also needs to draw inspiration from the Chadian Army’s feat against the Boko Haram and redouble its effort to crush the insurgents. Our army should ignore the enemies of the nation under the guise of civil rights movement as its evident now that Boko Haram is vulnerable after the Idris Derby army’s onslaught against them.

“What we need for our troops is the final push to finish off the insurgents. I urge the elites and journalists in country to stop meddling in the military’s operational matters by ascribing baseless meaning to posting and transfer among officers and men. Let’s support our Army as patriotic citizens of Nigeria rather than celebrating external forces.”

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the Nigeria Military will aggressively tackle Boko Haram insurgents until they are completely eliminated.

Naijaparry News reports that Boko Haram had on Friday attacked Garkida, a town in Gombi, a local government area in North of Adamawa State.

The World’s deadliest terrorist group killed people and destroyed properties.

Recall that the insurgents had attacked and killed about 30 travellers in Auno in Maiduguri , Borno State.

Reacting to the latest Boko Haram attack in a statement by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu, Buhari claimed that the terrorist sect has been weakened.

According to the president, no part of Nigeria would be abandoned to the terrorist.

Buhari said: “These attacks on soft targets by the terrorists are obvious signs of frustration because my administration has significantly weakened Boko Haram’s military capability to invade and hold Nigerian territory unchallenged.

“Our gallant forces deserve our appreciation for repelling the attackers but they must go beyond this point. They have our full support to go after the terrorists and have them pay a huge price.

”I want to assure the country that terrorists will continue to face the combined power of our military until they give up their mistaken ways.

“These occasional and episodic attacks on poor civilians by the terrorists are mere propaganda efforts to portray them as strong in order to fool the public into believing that they haven’t been militarily weekend by our gallant troops.”

“Security will continue to be well funded despite the competing needs of social services.

”I appeal to Nigerians to continue to support our troops in their gallant efforts to protect the citizens and secure the country,” he added.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar-Farouq, has explained why 104 ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members were freed.

The Minister said President Muhammadu Buhari granted amnesty to the repentant terrorists “so that they could be assisted in different areas of human development.”

According to a statement by the Assistant Director, Information, Rhoda Ishaku Iliya, the Minister said this when she received the representatives of the Chief of Defence staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishaki, led by the Coordinator of Operation Safe Corridor, Maj.-Gen Bamidele Shaffa, in Abuja on Saturday
Umar-Farouq said in ensuring that the current administration achieve its vision in addressing the insecurity and insurgency challenges facing this nation, the government had given a welcoming hand or an opportunity to repentant Boko Haram members to have a re-think.

“It is a very important programme for the ministry, one of the mandates of the ministry is to focus on the early recovery aspect of the North-East region and one of such components of early recovery is re-integration, rehabilitation of these affected communities and the repentant Boko Haram insurgents,” she added.

The Minister thanked the Operation Safe Corridor for their efforts and initiatives, adding that it would address the challenges of insecurity and “to a very large approached in the de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration of these insurgents adding that this strategy is very important especially in the North-East today.

Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly attacked motorists near Lantaiwa in Yobe state, northeast Nigeria.

But it is unclear whether passengers have been abducted or not as information was sketchy at the time of publishing this report.

Naijaparry understands that Lantaiwa is a community located 70 kilometers north from Damaturu the Yobe state capital.

The Operatives of the Nigerian army have been mobilized to the area, according to an army spokesman tied to the Sector 2 Operation Lafiya Dole, Lieutenant Chinonso Oteh.

More to come…