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Signs Of Brainwashing In Relationships: Is Your Partner Brainwashing You?



Brainwashing is one way of emotional abuse in relationships. Some narcissistic partners do engage in brainwashing tactics.

It is one way of trying to gain control over a person’s mind. Narcissistic partners generally try to restrict, control or alter the thoughts of their victims.

What kind of people may fall in the trap? Generally, if you are a perfectionist, or resourceful, or goal-oriented or self-sacrificing personalty, it is easy to fall in the trap of a narcissist who uses brain washing techniques.

There are many ways in which brainwashing occurs in human relationships. The first step is love bombing and then start the threatening, blackmailing, withholding, withdrawing, dominating, assaulting, criticising, manipulating, degrading, blaming and even torturing!

Here are some signs you are being brainwashed by your partner!

Love Bombing

Love bombing seems to be a sweet gesture. But it is not! It is one method of brainwashing.

If your partner tries to overwhelm you with loads of affection and gives you too much of attention, you must suspect his or her intentions.

Also, showering expensive gifts too frequently could be a love bombing tactic. They do it just to keep you locked up in the relationship without going anywhere else.


If your partner tries to degrade you and kill your self-esteem, it could be a tactic of brainwashing. Sarcastic remarks, too much of criticising, belittling, screaming, humiliating, threatening and verbally attacking to make you feel guilty are all signs of abuse. They do it in an attempt to gain control over you.

Verbal Assaults

If your partner tries to find flaws in you or tries to exaggerate your flaws every moment then it is just an attempt to control your mind and make you feel inferior.

Emotional Blackmail

When your partner threatens you with a break up too frequently, it is one way of psychologically blackmailing you to get something done by you. He or she wants to instill fear in you.


At the end of the day, the main purpose behind brainwashing someone is to feel powerful or obtain control over the other. If your partner tries to have the last word in every conversation, it is nothing but brainwashing.


Creating anxiety is one weapon that people who brainwash use. Unreasonable demands, bullying and creating fear are common actions that brainwashing people take.

Unrealistic Standards And Expectations

They expect too much and if you don’t live up to the standards, they make you feel like a useless bum. That is just a way to brainwash you and make you feel guilty.


They isolate you from others so that you will not have enough access to other sources which may make you realise that you are being brainwashed or abused.


There are husbands who brainwash their wives and exploit them financially, emotionally and physically. And there are some wives who brainwash their husbands and make them slog day in and day out to afford a luxurious living. So, exploitation is one motive behind a person who gets into brainwashing.


Emotional outbursts, arguments, lots of drama, sudden changes in mood, violent behaviour and constant anxiety are some symptoms that show up in a person who tries to abuse you in relationship.

How A Brainwasher Hides

After testing your patience and limits, suddenly the person showers you with lots of love and affection. They do it when you reach a breaking point where you want to run out of the relationship. This is just to again make you feel good and remain in the relationship.

It is unhealthy to stay in such a relationship. Consult a therapist and seek help if you see any signs that you are being brainwashed by your partner.

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