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Robbers Raid New Hall Hostel In UI

Robbers Raid New Hall Hostel In UI

Barely one month after a robbery incident on Awo Hall, a female hostel at the University of Ibadan, robbers struck again in the early hours of Sunday at New Hall hostel of the premier institution.

A post-graduate student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that unmasked young men charged into New hall at about 2:10am, reports The Nation.

According to her, they had to axe down the door leading to the hostel containing four blocks, two of which accommodate males and the other two, females.

“They had a struggle entering into the hostel because the security in New Hall is actually tight.

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“The bang we heard when the door was axed down already told us that something was coming for us.

“But we didnt know what it was and we were wondering where the securities and potters were at this time,” She stated.

The source was quoted to have said that only two of the 15 rooms on the ground floor were not affected.

“On the ground floor where I stay only two rooms were not affected, the rest were.

“I don’t know what happened on the first floor, but so far, I’ve heard that three rooms were affected.”

The robbers were said to have demanded for phones, laptops and money.

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The source was further quoted to have said that one guy whose iPhone was collected put up a struggle with the robbers and sustained a machete wound.

“He was rushed to the health centre,” she stated.

It was also gathered that the robbers took to their heels at the approaching sound of sirens.

It was also revealed that it wasn’t until after the operation that students found where the security officials and hostel workers were tied up and gagged.


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