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Presidential Speech Delivered By COM. AJIBADE Q. A. (KAZYWHITE) At 2019/20 Student Union Inauguration Ceremony


The Rector
The Deputy Rectors
Members of the management body
Directorates of student affairs
Deans and HODs
Academic and non-academic staffs
NANS and NAPS leaders
Invited guests
Gentlemen of the press
Powerful comrades and stakeholders
All Nigerian students

All praises, thanks and adoration are due to the Most High, God Almighty, the One who has given us all the chances to witness today as living souls. Who am I if not for His grace? “To us is to elect, to Him is to appoint”- He has appointed and given me the mandate to serve the students populace of our dear institution.


To this noble occasion, I welcome you all in the name of peace, unity, liberty, progress and the living spirit of Aluta.

On behalf of over 10,000 Fedpolites, I say a very big “Thank you” to the advocate crew ably led by Amb. Rufai Lukman for their relentless efforts toward the struggle and emancipation of the Nigerian students. May you have no cause to regret all your positive contributions to the development of our dear union.

I would also use this medium to extend my appreciation to the immediate past and the incumbent deans at the directorate of student affairs, Alh I.T Adelabu and Dr. O.S. Omotosho and their subordinates in conjunction with the ISEC Chairman Olagboye Taiwo (Tboy) and his team for conducting not just a fair and credible election but a peaceful and violence free one. My appreciations would be incomplete if I fail to acknowledge the love, moral supports and fatherly advice received from my lecturers. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Dear Adegoke Micheal (Ayanfe) whom we both vied for the presidential seat of this union of ours, I sincerely salute your sense of maturity towards the outcome of the Student Union election, you are indeed a leader. To others who did not win in the election, believe me, you are not losers and we are always ready to welcome any contribution or idea of yours that is aimed at ameliorating the union. Also, permit me to acknowledge and appreciate the support of all faculty, departmental, clubs and indigenous presidents, paramilitary members, powerful stakeholders and all supporters and friends of Kazywhite in his struggle for the mandate to humbly serve the Nigerian students.

Dear Fedpolites, this is our victory, not just the victory of Kazywhite or the Freedom Crew. Now that you have us elected, I promise to defend, struggle and protect your interests irrespective of faculty, departmental, tribal or religious difference – We are one. Politics has come and gone for leadership to take place. I enjoin us all to work in harmony for the development of the student community.

“To whom much is given, much is expected”

August 29 is indeed a remarkable date in the history of Federal Poly Ede Student Unionism as it has successfully marked the beginning of the freedom and autonomy we all have been clamouring for. It has successfully marked the inception of Studentocracy Agenda – The government of the students, by the students and for the students where no oppressor shall have a say or stand a chance in our governance than to always bow to our decision being the oppressed. In summary, the union shall go back to its rightful owners – Students.

The time has come to innovatively, brilliantly, intelligently and dynamically transform the union positively and implement our skills and ideologies of scientific Aluta to enhance our struggle for the masses. Yes! We are radicals but we want you to trust more in our diplomatic and intellectual approaches to solving issues when the needs arise.

Freedom they say cometh by struggle- It is high time we stopped clamouring and start taking real and sustainable actions to impact the student populace positively, devoid them of oppression, silence and tyranny and as well give them all senses of belonging toward the union.

We have been elected to defend and protect the interests of the Nigerian students and I want to promise you that we will do just that without negotiating the interests at all. It isn’t in our habits to wine and dine with the oppressors because we are only for the students.

We have been subjected through series of orientations, advices and admonitions that can catapult the status quo of the union to it deserved state and we won’t hesitate to give them full and proper implementations without neglecting the three procedures in the struggle – Consultation, Consolidation and Confrontation. Moreover, the development of our institution is very pertinent and we promise to be good ambassadors as we shall represent the institution duly to preserve her good image all around the world.

As a union, we understand that part of our duties is to work in harmony with the management and members of staffs (academics and non-academics) for the progress of the masses. In lieu of this, we have delicately surveyed and observed that the management of our dear institution has the interest of the students at heart, they are always ready to listen to our voices, receive our agitations and are working endlessly to improve us academically and morally. This clearly shows that our motto being “knowledge, skill and character” is never a joke. Yet, we still urge you to do more, most especially on our academics, health, sport, transportation, social and general welfarism and we assure you of the support of the student union body for the achievements of all these. Once it is in the interest of the student populace, nothing shall discourage us.

A member of staff once said “Students are the reason why we have staffs in our tertiary institutions, without students, staffs are not necessary.” This clearly states that our welfarism should not be underestimated and our demands must be given utmost priority. We are lovers of peace and even the “white” in Kazywhite represents “peace” just like it does on the National flag of Nigeria. Why should there not be peace if our demands are not treated with levity? Few of our demands on behalf of the student populace that requires immediate attention are as follows:

▪Reduction of school fees
▪Reduction of faculty and departmental dues
▪Extension of electricity supply period
▪Extension of Wi-Fi to student union premises and halls of residence
▪Renovation of SUG premises, equipment and furnishing of SUG building
▪Provision of a new aluta bomb

We are students, we believe we are as precious and hard as golds and also as fragile and delicate as eggs, we would love the management to understand this and put into consideration while judging us for any of our misconducts be it ignited by youthful exuberance or unconscious mistakes.

More than winning in the election, we believe to have won the heart of several students and I promise that the FREEDOM CREW ’20 will never disappoint you. To mark the beginning of a new era and better administration, I want to assure you of at least, 20% reduction of the SUG fee.

Since you have made us your choice, we won’t hesitate to be your voice.
Since you have presented us, we shall represent you to the best of our abilities.
Since you have believed in us, your relief shall be our priority.

Conclusively, I have joined the union, neither for fame nor selfish interest but for the zeal, passion, willingness and urge to serve the Nigerian students and ideologically transform the union positively. Fellow students of Federal Polytechnic Ede, The student union building belongs to you and you can access it any time. I am always ready to listen to your voices and complaints in case of any negativity or confusion and I promise to fight for your rights and protect your interests. So help me God!
Viva Aluta! Viva FPE! Viva Osun State! Viva Nigeria!


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