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NYSC: What you will enjoy and what you will hate in camp



Let me use this medium to introduce you to what you will enjoy and what you will hate in camp.

Enjoyment part

  1. Football competition
  2. Volleyball competition
  3. Varieties night (Dance and drama, singing competition etc.) feel free to come with your instruments
  4. Carnival day
  5. Mr macho and miss camp night
  6. Camp fire night
  7. Parade competition
  8. Relay race competition
  9. Volley ball competition
  10. Beautiful girls and handsome men and even yahoo guys 😂 😂 e. t. c

Boring part

  1. Early morning devotion(4:30am-6am)
  2. Morning parade (6am-8:30am)
  3. Saed lecture (9am-11am)
  4. Workshops (11am-2pm)
  5. Evening parade (3:30pm-6pm)
  6. No crossing of gutter or short cut.
  7. Long cue for Every activities
  8. Sleep? Just forget it! You only have 4 hours to sleep per day etc
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I wish you all a stress free orientation exercise..

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