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Nike Unveils New Kits For Nigerian Football Teams, Design Inspired By Traditional Agbada [Photos]



If Jerseys could win competitions, then Nigeria should have tons of trophies by now, how do Nike manage to always come up with these beautiful jerseys for Super Eagles and Super Falcons?

The New Jersey for 2020 competitions is out and it looks fabulous as always, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new super eagles jerseys, let us know your thought.

The kits which feature the traditional Nigerian green and white colours have made a huge impression with fans taking kindly to the snazzy and vibrant design.

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The home kit features a hand drawn design which fuses the traditional aesthetic of an agbada robe with modern football design. The home kit also features the crest of the National Football Federation placed centrally at the chest area, the Nike logo under the crest, and jersey number beneath the logo.

The shorts are solid green shorts while the socks have the green, white and lemon colours.

The away jersey is more understated with its simple deep green design and matching patterns on the trim of the V-neck and the sleeves.

The trim of the away kit trim is inspired by Onaism, an art movement of Yoruba civilization that fuses designs, ornamentation and motifs found in traditional Yoruba carvings and textiles with modern art pieces.

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The 2020 kits also have a broader collection of Super Eagles apparel which include a poncho, vest and a dress.

Nike’s bold designs with the Super Eagles continues on the heels of the award-winning jerseys that were released for the 2018 World Cup.

The 2018 World Cup jersey sold few minutes after it was released with many fans of the jersey from across the world ordering for it.

Nike is yet to announce the price for the new jerseys.

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