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Cute gifts to make your girlfriend happy this christmas



The Christmas season is here again. This is the season for celebration, giving and sharing. It can sometimes be difficult to shop for your girlfriend, especially if you are the type that does not know how to shop for women.

Here are a few ideas you can use to make your girlfriend happy this Christmas.

1. Chocolate hamper:

Now, we have heard how much ladies supposedly love chocolates. You can make a hamper by yourself of her favourite chocolates. This can be accompanied with a cute Christmas card. Ladies, love cute gestures like this. If they know you handpicked and made the hamper yourself, even better.

2. Flowers and a perfume:

Although they say that Nigerian ladies do not like flowers, they would definitely appreciate the expensive gesture. You can accompany the flowers with a nice perfume. If she is a lover of perfumes, you can get her designer perfumes that are not too expensive if you do not have enough money to buy something rather pricey.

3. Romantic dinner date:

You can surprise her by making dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. If you want the icing on the cake, you can arrange for a dress to be delivered to her for the dinner date. Don’t tell her where you are taking her to. Let her just enjoy the evening. She would love this.

4. Trip to the Calabar carnival:

The Calabar carnival takes place every year, around the Christmas season. The hotels are always booked close to December so it is best to book weeks before to make sure your accommodation is set for you.

5. A gift set of personal grooming products:

Bath wash, soaps, body sprays and lotions; various cosmetic companies package these as gift baskets. To really win, get her one from anartisinal label.

6. A nice wrist watch:

A nice wrist watch can never go wrong. No one can ever have too many wrist watches. Get her a nice wrist watch and surprise her over drinks. She would love that.

7. Jewelleries:

This is simple but classy. You can get her a nice necklace or a nice pair of earrings. Invite her over for a home cooked meal, cooked by you and surprise her with the lovely necklace.

8. Hotel getaway:

This is a perfect gift as well if you want to spoil her this Christmas. Give her a treat by taking her to a nice hotel to cool off the stress from everyone. It could be a weekend or even one night.

9. Tickets to a concert:

If she loves music and one of her favourite musicians is performing at a concert, this could be a great Christmas gift.

10. A portrait of her:

I bet you that she would love you forever if you gave her a painting of herself.

So these are a few gift ideas that I think your girlfriend would love this Christmas. Shake things up and surprise her with something nice. No matter how small, it’s the thought that matters.

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