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Singer and songwriter Kizz Daniel seems to be indirectly asking his mysterious girlfriend what she wants for Christmas with his recent post.

Posting a video of himself and his friend Ovajoja, Kizz Daniel asked his female fans what they want for Christmas from him and the replies were just amazing.

Most of them wanted to meet him in person and take photos as well as chat with him this Christmas while others ask to appear in his next video just to be close to him.

But a few were of the notion he might be indirectly asking his girlfriend and also wants to see what they want to do for his mysterious girlfriend that is if he even has one.

Screenshot below;

Is Kizz Daniel Indirectly Asking His Girlfriend What She Wants For Christmas?


The Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, Igboora has announced vacancies into the offices of the Rector, Registrar, Chief Librarian and Director of Works and Services.

According to a publication dated November 23,2020 and signed by the Acting Registrar, Mr. Paul Oyediran in the Punch and Nigerian Tribune Newspapers, suitably qualified candidates are advised to apply.

The application closes six weeks from the date of the publication.


  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationBA/BSc/HND
  • Experience20 years
  • LocationOyo
  • CityIbadan
  • Job FieldAdministration / Secretarial 

Location: Igboora, Oyo

Job Description

  • The Rector is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College and has general responsibility for matters relating to day to day management operations of the College.
  • He/She is also responsible for the policy execution, subject to the general control and superintendence of the Governing Council.
  • The Rector by virtue of the Enabling Laws of the College is a member of Council and the Chairman of the Board of Studies.
  • The occupant of the office also serves as the Chairman of Congregation, Appointments and Promotions Committee as well as a member of all statutory Committees of the College.
  • As the Chief Academic and Executive Officer of the College, the Rector shall provide the requisite leadership in academic affairs.
  • He /She is also expected to secure the support of the public sector, community, industry, higher educational institutions and professional bodies for the work of the College and its products.

Specifically, the candidate shall be expected to:

  • Be a Chief Lecturer or equivalent in any of the disciplines offered in the College with at least twenty (20) years of graduate/professional and administrative experience at least five (5) years of which must have been gained in a College of Agriculture, Polytechnic or an Institution of Corporate standing. He / She must be a doctorate degree holder.
  • Show evidence of scholarly publications in reputable journals in and outside the Country
  • Demonstrate ability to provide academic and administrative leadership for such a well-established institution.
  • Be a person of proven integrity.
  • Strengthen the bridges between staff, students and other members of the College community
  • Command both national and international respect, particularly in the academic / technological world and which would enhance a good reputation of the College.
  • Enjoy excellent physical and mental health.
  • Be not more than 60 years old as at the date of possible assumption of duty
  • Belong to relevant professional bodies.
  • Proficient in ICT.
  • Attract the much-needed funds into the College.


  • The appointment of the Rector is for a single term of five (5) years. Other conditions of service are as contained in the College Conditions of Service for Principal Officers as may be reviewed from time to time as approved by the Governing Council.

Salary and other Conditions of Service
The salary and other Conditions of Service attached to the post of Rector are as applicable in Tertiary Institutions in Oyo State and others as approved by the Governing Council from time to time.

OYSCATECH Is Recruiting For 4 Principal Positions (See How To Apply)

Chief Librarian

  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationMBA/MSc/MA
  • Experience15 years
  • LocationOyo
  • CityIbadan
  • Job FieldAdministration / Secretarial 

Location: Igboora, Oyo

Job Description

  • The Chief Librarian is a Principal Officer of the College responsible for the day to day administration of the College Library and coordination of all Library services in the entire College community and report to the Rector.


  • The candidate must possess a minimum of Master’s degree in Library Science or Library Science and Information Technology from a recognized university, certified Librarian and should have a minimum of fifteen (15) years cognate experience at least ten (10) of which must be at senior management level, preferably at a tertiary institution.
  • Proficiency in ICT is required.


  • The Chief Librarian shall hold office for a single term of five (5) years. Other conditions of service are as contained in the College Conditions of Service for Principal Officers as may be reviewed from time to time as approved by the Council.

Salary and other Conditions of Service
The salary and other Conditions of Service attached to the post of Chief Librarian are as applicable in Tertiary Institutions in Oyo State and others as approved by the Governing Council from time to time.


  • Job TypeFull Time
  • QualificationMBA/MSc/MA
  • ExperienceNone
  • LocationOyo
  • CityIbadan
  • Job FieldAdministration / Secretarial 

Location: Igboora, Oyo

Job Description

  • The Registrar is a Principal Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of the College.
  • He or she is responsible to the Rector for the day to day administration of the College.
  • The Registrar is also the Secretary to Council, Board of Studies, Congregation and Convocation.

Qualifications and Experience
The person vying for the position of Registrar shall meet the following criteria:

  • Good honours degrees with a minimum of second class upper division from a recognised University.
  • He / She must not be less in rank than Deputy Registrar and should have a minimum of fifteen (15) years post qualification cognate experience, five (5) of which must be at a senior management position.
  • He / She must be in excellent physical and mental health and not more than 60 years of age at the time of assumption of duty.
  • He/she must belong to a relevant professional body.
  • Proficiency in ICT is required.
  • Master’s degree is an added advantage.


  • The appointment of the Registrar is for a single term of five (5) years. Other conditions of service are as contained in the College Conditions of Service for Principal Officers as may be reviewed from time to time as approved by the Governing Council.

Salary and other Conditions of Service
The salary and other Conditions of Service attached to the post of Registrar are as applicable in Tertiary Institutions in Oyo State and others as approved by the Governing Council from time to time.


Apparently, Davido has four baby mamas and not three as we all know. This new piece of information was dropped by the ever-controversial Dr. Kemi Olunloyo.

In a lengthy Instagram post which she captioned, ‘6 Facts About Davido’, the investigative journalist took readers on a ride into the personal life of the singer and his parents. She went further to reveal that Davido impregnated all her four baby mamas after having one night stan with them.

Kemi claims Davido’s first baby is Ayotomide Grace Labinjo but the singer denied being responsible for her pregnancy. From what Dr. Kemi Olunloyo shared, Davido said he was drunk when he had sex with so couldn’t remember if they actually had any encounter.

See the full post below;

Kemi Olunloyo and Davido

Davido and Kemi


Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun has reacted to the death of her former best friend, Iyabo Ojo’s mum who died in the early hours of Saturday morning, November 21.

Fathia has certainly decided to let sleeping dogs lie as she put their differences aside to commiserate with Iyabo on her tragic loss.

This comes a year after Iyabo Ojo accused Fathia of being a witch following a claims that Fathia exposed her surgery to the world leaking a video of how Iyabo nearly died during the surgery.

Iyabo Ojo wrote,

You never cease to amaze me & I’m not surprised bcos you remain number one agbaya in Nollywood … no self respect @ all, you envy the younger ones and pretend to Love the ones that you benefit from somehow but at the end you still anit loyal….After all I did for you 2 years ago to celebrate your bday in Turkey, you still snitched on me giving media fake news that I was in coma for 3 days! you wish… bcos you knew about my surgery, I knew you hoped & prayed I died …. that’s why you never came to see me afterwards but guess what my God pass you, he is mighter than you, my God disappointed you & your team
.I’m still living girl You are a Witch!! Yes O!!

O gba enu ni but guess what I’m that lioness who will always come out victorious no matter how hard you try to pull me down or destroy my name spiritually….. Darkness & Light can never be on the same page & I make bold to say you are a terrible person …….. Back off witch!” Iyabo Ojo cussed out in February.

In a recent post by Fathia Balogun on her Instagram page, she posted a lovely photo of Iyabo Ojo and her late mum on penned a note of comfort to her.

Iyabo Ojo Mum


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend, Mark William Calaway, professionally known in the ring as “The Undertaker” has reportedly retired from the WWE.

We all know how the legend has entertained the world over decades with his amazing skills in the ring.

He has unarguably been one of the best entertainers and wrestler in the history of WWE and has earned the respect of many across the globe.

In an incredible career, he earned seven WWE world titles and went 21-0 at WrestleMania with the famous undefeated ‘Streak’.

In the Survivor Series at the WWE, Undertaker finally bade his loyal fans and colleagues goodbye as he retires from the game.

After making a dramatic entrance to the ring, The Undertaker said, “For 30 long years, I’ve made that slow walk to this ring and have laid people to rest time and time again.

“And now my time has come.” He said. “My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace.” as he expresses gratitude to his fans.

He finally dropped down on his knees and made an iconic pose before a hologram of his late, great manager, Paul Bearer, appeared above the ring.

Watch the video below:


Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Monday described the kidnapping and assassination of the Nasarawa State Chairman of the party, Mr Philips Shekwo as heartless and a cowardly act.

The party in a statement made available to newsmen in Ibadan by its Oyo State Publicly Secretary, Dr AbdulAzeez Olatunde stated that it received the news of Mr Shekwo’s death with shock

Oyo APC while condemning the kidnapping and eventual killing of the Nasarawa state Chairman asked the security agencies to fish out those behind the act

“When the news initially broke that Mr Philips Shekwo, the APC Chairman for Nasarawa State was kidnapped on Saturday 21st November 2020, the first reaction was that, it’s one of those the Gangs would be negotiating for Ransome.

However, with the news of the eventual death of Nasarawa APC Chairman coming out of blues on Sunday 22nd November 2020 afternoon, it just got to us in APC Oyo State like a thunderbolt”, it said.

Oyo APC added, “to say that the kidnapping and assassination is a heartless and cowardly act is an understatement. We hope that the Government and the Security agents will unravel the perpetrators of this murderous act”.

The party then commiserated with the Government and the people of Nasarawa State on the untimely loss of the APC Chairman as well as the immediate family of Mr Philips Sheikwo, and pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased.


The most peaceful institution in Nigeria, Federal Polytechnic Ede Osun State was invaded this night by some unidentified soldiers. Who came, beat and harassed the polytechnic students.

According to memo released, signed by the union president and made available to described the act as barbaric, illegal and unprofessional. Also promise the students of the polytechnic of do everything possible to get justice for those victims of the incident.

” We use this medium to tell all students that there would be a powerful protest to the Palace of our beloved king Timi of Ede, tomorrow morning. We shall do this protest peacefully to register our pains. On this note, students are expected to converge massively at the SUG building by 7am prompt tomorrow, Monday, November 23, 2020.

” We also call on the Federal Government to as a matter of emergency intervene and probe this unfortunate harassment of Nigerian students. Because we will never accept any form of Injustice and brutality from those who are meant to protect us.

“We implore our students not to take laws in their hands. We shall fight for our rights using the right channels.

A habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” Habit formation is defined by psychologists as “the process by which new behaviors become automatic.”



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In an ideal world, drama, gossip, and all other forms of unnecessary theatrics wouldn’t exist. There’s nothing to be gained from making too much out of things or participating in gossip sessions.


bigstock Black Woman Drinking Water 12038417

There is no other substance more important to our body than water. Period.

Every cell in our body uses water to regulate body temperature, moisten tissues, lubricate joints, protect organs, ease digestion, flush waste produces, dissolve essential minerals and nutrients, and carry oxygen throughout the body.

The easier way to make drinking water a habit is to buy a large water bottle, keep it filled, and tak.


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We understand that people use their phones for just about everything nowadays, business purposes included. But did you know that accumulating research shows an overdependence on technology can change your behavior? There are technology addiction therapists, for crying out loud!

Anyways, be courteous and stash the phone occasionally.


Breathe Slowly happy

Practicing simplicity is much more than just consuming less – it is a state of mind. We, as Madonna famously sang, “live in a material world.” Consumerism is at the heart of most economies, but we needn’t participate in it.

To be “financially minimalistic” is to keep your values in mind (e.g. social welfare, ethics, spiritual); to spend your money with intent, and to not be guided by impulse.


leg raises exercise girl

Simply put, you don’t need to work out seven days per week.

We wrote an article a while back about the Tabata Interval Training Method – a 4-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen designed by Dr. Izumi Tabata.

The results of Tabata’s research are extraordinary: short periods of HIIT outperform 60 minutes of moderate exercise in every important measurement (e.g. fat burning, recovery time, muscle generation.)

HIIT training involves short bursts of intense exercises and short periods of rest.



The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends around 7 to 9 hours of sleep for healthy adults. That said, sleep quality is just as important.

Simply put, sleep hygiene – habits that help ensure a good night’s sleep – is critical. Lay off the caffeine, limit daytime napping, and having an established bedtime routine are three crucial elements of sleep quality.


shutterstock 426912916

We often get so wrapped up in physical exercise that we forget about our ole’ noggin. The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled stress the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century.”

Stress-management is undoubtedly the single best habit to form – and there are multiple methods employ. Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, exercise, and deep breathing are just a few ideas.


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There are numerous reasons to cut back on sugar: no nutritional value; accelerates fat storage; increases the risk of heart disease; causes tooth decay and cavities; raises blood pressure, and more.


Tragedy struck as suspected gunmen killed a student union leader in Kaduna, Comrade Auwal Rabiu.

It was gathered that the student leader was killed on Friday night attacked motorists on the road linking the Kaduna international airport and the Rigasa station of the Kaduna-Abuja train.

The gunmen also injured one Umar Bn El-Khatab, while one other person identified as Sani Digana is feared to have been abducted during the attack.

Meanwhile, Kaduna State government, while confirming the incident said security operatives repelled the attacks and rescued two persons, Sahabi Lawal and Dan Aliko.

The Nation gathered that the three young men were inside a vehicle when the gunmen fired at them around 9:pm on Friday along the Kaduna Airport Link Road to the Rigasa train station in the Igabi Local Government Area of the state.

A youth leader in Rigasa, Abdul’azeez Madugu, popularly known as Dan Dubai, said the deceased’s funeral prayer took place around 8:am on Saturday at their family home in the area

“The late Auwal Rabiu was the Present of Rigasa Old Students’ Association and the three of them were returning from the Rigachikun area around 9:pm when the gunmen opened fire on their vehicle

“Auwal was the one driving and the bullet hit him and died. But Umar El-khatab was shot on the leg, while the third person, Sani, was abducted,” he said.

Madugu explained that gunmen have always attacked the route at night targeting vehicles plying the route.

Meanwhile, Kaduna State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement on Saturday explained that the deceased and his friends were hit by stray bullets of the bandits.

Aruwan said: “The security agencies have informed the Kaduna State Government that they have repelled armed bandits on Friday night in the Igabi local government area.

“According to the agencies, the armed bandits ambushed troops and security operatives patrolling Rigasa-Link Road at Rugar Bello Junction.

“The operatives rescued two persons, Sahabi Lawal and Dan Aliko, while Sani Khalil is still missing.

“Similarly, the Armoured Personnel Carrier of the police was riddled with bullets.

“The bandits, who were denied freedom of action, escaped while stray bullets hit two citizens driving from the Mando axis of the Rigasa-Link Road.

“The two citizens were rushed to the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, but sadly, one of them, one Rabiu Awwal, died while the second citizen, Umar El-Khattab is responding to treatment.

“Governor Nasir El-Rufai has sent a condolence to the deceased’s family and offered prayers for the repose of his soul. The governor wishes the citizen recuperating a speedy recovery.

“The governor also commended troops and police personnel that repelled the armed bandits and rescue of two citizens.

“The troops and police are still carrying out aggressive patrols in the general area.

“The government will continue to keep citizens informed of security development,” Aruwan said.


The kidnapped chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nasarawa State, Philip Shekwo, has been found dead.

His death has been confirmed by Nasarawa State Commissioner of Police, Dele Longe, confirmed his kidnap earlier on Sunday.

The All Progressives Congress, APC is yet to react to the development. Shekwo was kidnapped from his residence in Lafia on Saturday night.

A source close to the family also confirmed this to our correspondent on Sunday afternoon.

A leader of the APC in Nasarawa, who asked not to be named, also confirmed the death.

The chairman of Karu local government, Samuel Akala, also confirmed the death on his Facebook page.

More details later…