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Advice to All Newly Admitted Students [MUST READ]



Here is an advice to All Newly Admitted Students. Its a MUST READ as it’s secret to be a better student!

For most of you that have started lecturers, by now, am pretty sure the feelings you had the first day you saw your name on the list is different from now that you’ve tested college life.

In the former, you were very very happy! You felt like dancing shaku-shaku, gwara-gwara or zanku. But in the latter, you’re feeling tired. The waking up by 5/6 in the morning, the going for 7.00am lectures and coming back by 6.00pm, the eating once or twice in a day, the struggling of seat in lecture hall, the everything, might have made you wonder “is this the admission that made me happy”

Dear freshers, please be informed that there are lots of things that will distract you from your studies but please stay focused.

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Here are Few Tips to Guide Newly Admitted Students (Freshers)

1. NEVER wait till your part 4 or 3 before going for your IT/internship, use every holiday to learn something new and interesting, be it in your field or outside of it.

2. NEVER graduate knowing only things pertaining to your degree, if you do, you will limit yourself. Expand your horizon, know something about everything there is to know.

3. NEVER read for grades, grades won’t carry you beyond school. Read for knowledge, read to be empowered.

4. NEVER separate yourself from others, Make friends with all sort of people, Regardless of faith, creed, colour and knowledge.

5. NEVER allow a lecturer limit you or your ability. He is where he probably wants to are not yet where you want to be..don’t allow him limit you by his words, grades or outburst.

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6. NEVER look down on grades, read to have the A’s, do your best to be among the best. If C is what you can achieve with all your strength achieve it.

7. NEVER substitute religious activity for real relationship with God, participate in fellowship activities but never let it replace your personal interaction with God. Don’t be a zealot or an extremist.

8. NEVER look down on anyone, the poor guy then could be a millionaire after school, the guy who struggled to make third class might come back powerful and rich. No other person has been more recognised in my set (internationally and within Nigeria) than my good friend Akinkunmi despite graduating with a weak 2:2…No be by what you graduate with o.

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9. NEVER take your CGPA or graduating class as the final say on your life. Why should a cream-coloured A4 paper, signed by a Professor, produced by NSMC be a final authority on your life?

10. NEVER think people are going to treat you specially just because you are graduating with a good grade. The world out there is full of people MORE qualified than you. Work out your “salvation”. What saves you is what you can do.


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