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41 Quick Ways To Make Your Husband Love You



41 Quick Ways To Make Your Husband Love You

In most Marriages, couples do forget to be creative in love so they fall into the “usual mode” making their marriages boring and uninteresting. In this piece, I will be showing you 41 quick ways to show your husband love.

1) Tell him “you are such a great man, thank God I married you”
2) Get him a new shirt
3) Send I love you text to him
4) Praise him in front of the Children.
5) Greet him at the door when he gets home–drop whatever you’re doing and kiss him!
6) Give him a backrub.
7) Brag about him to your friends when he can hear.
8) Speak glowingly of him when you talk in the public
9) Give a peck and tell him you are looking very handsome
10) Tell him one thing you admire about him in relation to his work–and try to make it a different thing every time you say it!
11) Rub your fingers through his hair as you’re watching Television
12) Polish his Shoes
13 Lay out his clothes for him the night before.
14) Make an appointment to Service his Car
15) Get his picture on a Tea shirt and write ‘’Meet a great man’’ on it.
16) Get a sticker for your car with the inscription ‘’WIFE OF A GREAT MAN’’
17) Text him and tell him specifically what you love doing with him.
18) Bring him a glass of water if he’s working out in the Sun
19) Bring him a drink when he’s working at his desk.
20) Take his food to him in the office.
21) Wear something you know he loves.
23) Enter into the shower with him, give him a sensuous thorough bath
24) Rub him dry when he gets out of the shower
25) Put some “manly” moisturiser cream on him, or some talcum powder.
26) Towel dry his hair for him and tell him you just love how he smells.
27) Read a bit of a book/funny story or a newspaper to him while he takes his bath.
28) Pray for him while you’re lying in bed–out loud. Reach out, put your arm on his, and say a sentence-or-two prayer.
29) Rub his feet while you’re watching TV.
30) Get a cloth and wash his feet and put some cream on them.
31) Ask him his advice on something and then follow it
32) Ask him to explain something about his hobby to you.
33) Don’t just tell him you love him–tell him WHY you love him.
35) Warm some water, get small towels, dip them into the warm water to clean his body several times. Do it slowly.
36) Go ahead and massage him slowly
37) Put his head on your laps and stroke his hair.
38) Tell him he is very special to you
39) Tell him ‘’If you toast me hundred times I will marry you two hundred times’’
40) Tell him his Mum did a great Job on him.
41) Declare a bedroom banquet, initiate sex with him for five days in a roll. It’s a feast you will remember.

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