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4 Reasons Your Girlfriend Should Never Know Your Actual Income (No . 4 Can End Your Relationship )



Most relationships these days are financially demanding . As a guy, you’ve got to spend on your bae no matter how little to show care and love.

The funny thing is, most ladies have turned their boyfriends to father putting all their money demands on them. It’s so bad that even if you’re Dangote’s son, only one girlfriend can wreck you with billing.

Meanwhile, it’s wise to always ensure your girlfriend don’t know your actual income, that’s the first step to applying financial sense in relationships.

Below Are 4 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Girlfriend Know Your Actual Income:-

1. She Will Increase Her Billings

Ladies are so desperate these days, if your bae should mistakenly know your worth, forget about it, you’re really in serious trouble because her pattern of billing you will change.

For instance, she might be billing you between 10k to 20k but the moment she gets a hint that you earn up to 1million monthly, she will start giving you 200k to 300k billing and if you refuse to give her, she might label you stingy .

2. She Won’t Know How To Manage Money Again

Someone that on a normal day she can carry hair for head for more than two months, she will start tormenting you to change her hair almost every week, she won’t even think of leaving it for two weeks.

That’s when iPhone Xs max will be her dream phone and automatically gets tired of her Android . One meat won’t be enough on her table again, soup that takes 2-3 days to consume before will now start disappearing within 24 hours like WhatsApp status .

3. See Finish Will Enter

If person wey dey greet you boss good morning before dey tell you guy how far.. nah see finish ooo!

Maybe you’re not really earning much but you’ve been using packaging for your babe, the moment she sees that you’re not even that rich, if she has been calling you “ Sweetheart ” before, she will change it to your real name.
That is see finish!

Anytime there is issue in the relationship, she will always remind you of how poor you are and how she has been managing you.

4. She Will Be Showing You Fake Love

If you’re rich and earning high, pretend to be poor or average, you will see that any girl who truly loves you will stay. If you’re rich and you let her know your actual earning, even if she doesn’t love you she will stay for the dough.

If you’re broke and not earning much, don’t pretend to be very rich and don’t disclose your actual income. Just take care of her, give her things you can afford, if she truly loves you she will stay with you.

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