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2023: Northern Elder Speaks On Where Buhari’s Replacement Will Come From

A northern elder statesman Junaid Mohammed has said he does not believe in the zoning of the presidential seat, Naijaparry reports.

This news medium understands that Nigeria operates an unwritten power rotation between its northern and southern part for the presidential seat.

President Muhammadu Buhari who is from the North Western state of Katsina is in his second term four-year tenure.


Buhari is expected to hand over to someone from southern Nigeria when the country conducts a general election in 2023.

However, Junaid said he does not see anything good in zoning of the presidency, adding that most parties do not have it as an official agreement.

“In case you don’t know, I don’t believe in zoning in running an organization. I didn’t believe in it when I was in active politics and I still don’t believe in it,” he told Sunday Sun.

“You may also want to know that zoning is not an official policy in most of the major political parties in the country.

“What will be the solution to the problem of zoning, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine.

“Now, for those positioning to take over, it is not an area I want to bother myself about. I want to see the government commit itself to achieve the things it promised Nigerians during the campaigns.”

According to him, “that is more important than the jostling you mentioned. Their positioning is the least of my worries. I am worried about those who emerge from the elections as winners.

“They should be judged on the basis of their performance in office. That is where we should key in to make the country better for us all.

“This zoning that we constantly talk about is diversionary and it distracts us from the burning issues of the day that is paramount to our survival and progress as a nation and that is performance of public office holders.

“We need to monitor office holders closely and make sure that those who fail to perform are not allowed to return to office for second tenure.”

On whether the north should hold on to power after 2023, he described it as “very noxious. If I don’t believe in zoning there is no need for me to comment on whether the north is justified to hold on to power beyond 2023.

“Why don’t you ask me if the South East or South West should be in power at that time? If I say they should be in power or hold on to power, I must state a reason.

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“It should not be a situation where every dick and harry can assess government based on zoning, or because it is said that it is their turn.

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MTN DATA: Exchanger
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